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Welcome to Stuff 4 Teachers. Let us introduce ourselves. I’m Billy and this is my wife Rita. We’re both English teachers.

I’m a CELTA tutor which means I train people to become English teachers. It’s a fantastic job which has taken me all over the World from Peru to Vietnam to Ireland to Dubai and many other places in between.

While I was in Ukraine, I met Rita. We fell in love and we were married a year later.

As we’ve travelled and worked, we’ve found tools that have helped us. Often people will ask me where I bought the things I use in the classroom but I often don’t have an answer.

So now, we decided to put everything we’ve learned from teaching into a website. Hopefully you’ll find some of the tools and ideas here useful. If you do, please leave comments. If you don’t find them useful, also please comment and help us help the enormously dedicated community of teachers out there around the globe.

Thanks for stopping by and we wish you love, happiness and content students!

Our core values

Be Playful, Creative, and Open-Minded
Create Long-Term Relationships with Teachers
Pursue Growth, Learning and Fun
Inspire Happiness, Positivity and Creativity
Make Sure Our Teachers are Happy

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